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Mazatlan meaning “land of the deer” in the ancient Nahuatl language offers 10 miles of inviting sandy beaches. It’s no wonder why more than one million tourists come to visit Mazatlan per year. These visitors will find plenty to keep them busy. Earth, sea and sky unite to offer an excellent destination for all types of vacationers.


This incomparable port city is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Set in a beautiful cove of the Pacific, Mazatlan lies at about the same latitude as Hawaii. The temperature fluctuates from mid-60’s to mid-90’s depending on the time of year.


One of the best things going for Mazatlan is its combination of affordable comfort and laid-back seaside charm. Its long, wide sandy beaches with rolling surf (quite similar to the beaches of Southern California) are lined with fun, restaurants on the beach and bars. While there’s plenty of elbowroom, the sunny beaches clamor with activity.


Dining (especially for seafood) and nightlife are excellent. Shopping is also first rate, with several fine art galleries and handicraft markets. Sightseeing combines a few colonial era sites with more contemporary attractions. For the sports enthusiast, Mazatlan offers the usual assortment of watersports along with some of the world’s finest deep sea fishing.



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