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When do the bass spawn?
Usually February through March.

Give me some idea of the best time to fish for those big post - spawn females in El Salto?
April, May, June.

What is the best month to catch trophy bass on the lake?
Every month is a possibility, in the Fall you can catch them on crankbaits and topwater; in the late Spring you catch them on plastic. (Call 15 days prior to your arrival for update).

What's the average size of fish?
El Salto bass get bigger and bigger every year. You can expect 30 to 80 fish days per boat with the average fish being well over 4-pounds and the possibility of catching fish over 8 - pounds.
Anglers who fish Mexico's Lake El Salto soon figure out that any bass that bites is
apt to be a heavyweigth. Over the past couple of years, more than half the fishermen who have visited Anglers Inn, have landed at least one double-digit-weight largemouth during their three-day stay. An amazing 90% have caught one or more 6-pound-plus fish.
A big reason for our astonishing success is fast-growing pure Florida strain bass, El Salto is one of the few Mexican lakes that harbor pure Florida strain bass.

What is the lake record?
The lake record is 18-pounds 5-ounces. Most Anglers
who know the lake well are confident that its fertile water quite possibly holds some world-record largemouth. The best five fish from one angler's single-day catch weighed a combined total of 53-pounds 5-ounces.

How is the temperature?
October 1st - December 25th: Daytime ranges 75 to 85 - Evenings 62 to 72 ºF.
December 26th - April 25th: Daytime ranges 76 to 86 - Evenings 50 to 60 ºF.
April 26th - July 30th: Daytime ranges 85 to 90 - Evenings 7
2 to 82 ºF.
Anglers Inn has air conditioned in rooms and dining area ºF.

What do I need to bring?
You can refer to our section "Pre-trip check list.." It will provide you with a detailed list of the items needed to make your fishing trip more pleasurable.

Do you supply fishing gear?
We suggest you to bring your own rods and reels. But if you prefer not to do so, a complementary loaner package will be provided at lodge. Anglers Inn has also a full-service tackle shop stocked with everything you need during your fishing trip.

What kind of equipment will we be using?
You'll be fishing out of Tracker boats equipped with 48 h.p.
Yamaha outboard engines, swivel seats, plenty fast with lots of room. All boats have trolling motors 46-pound thrust.

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